Onsite Training Capworth Learning designs and delivers DISCOVER MORE at your site using your facilities delivers training. Scheduled Courses We offer cutting edge management training seminars, DISCOVER MORE training courses and workshops on a wide range of topics. Bespoke In-house Training We also offer Closed Company Training which ensures DISCOVER MORE training sessions are limited to just employees from your company. E-learning Solution Capworth Learning offers over 150 DISCOVER MORE off the shelf titles at very competitive process. Clarity4D Profiles & Workshops Clarity4D offers a powerful profiling tool that can DISCOVER MORE unlock the secrets to understanding ourselves and others better. Closed Training We also offer Closed Company Training which ensures DISCOVER MORE training sessions are limited to just employees from your company.

We Provide High Quality And
Effective Training

Capworth Learning Solutions offers you the opportunity to benefit from the wide-ranging expertise of our extensive pool of experienced trainers who can
deliver the training you need, when you need it and where you need it.

Reasons to choose Capworth Learning Solutions

  • 335 course titles with more been developed
  • Interactive and Engaging Courses
  • Extensive training category of courses
  • Multiple Locations
  • Value for Money

Capworth Virtual Instructor
Led Training
Click Here VILT combines the best of instructor-led training with the convenience
and flexibility of an on-demand learning

Our Training Solutions

Our aim is to provide a professional, personal, effective solution to all of your day-to-day accounting, management accounting and taxation needs


Capworth 2021 Professional Training Brochure

Download our 2021 training brochure to get our detailed course content as well as more information on each course we are offering.

Our Highly Qualified Consultants

Our consultants have supported the growth of many global organisations and this has a direct influence on the quality of our speakers and their commitment to continued professional development. With their world-class experience, exceptional credentials and cross-industry experience, our consultants are able to deliver positive results that contribute significantly to the progress and professional development of our clients


We offer a comprehensive and practically focused range of training and development services to suit any organisation’s requirements; from government and the wider public sector to larger private sector companies, SMEs as well as a host of third sector organisations.

We Achieve More With Less

Real-world training and solutions customized for you.

Market Leading Programmes

The capworth training and development team design programmes that fit for different fields of study.