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How Long Should Your Employees Training be?

How long your employees training should be varies based on the training method, topic, or course type.

However, one major fact is that people- employees need consistent opportunities to learn, implement the knowledge, and refresh it.

According to boomerang research, if after a training session and your employees do nothing to reinforce their learning, they will lose 75% of what they learned within a few days, and after 30days, they will lose up to 98%.

We are sure you wouldn’t want such an experience with your employees, right?

Now that we have stated how important it is for your employees to continuously learn and implement the knowledge gained from the training.

It is good you know that the length of the training or courses you are planning to take is very much important.

There is no option of one size fits all, but the following factors can help you determine the length of the training.

1. The Learning topic:

It is not every time you will need to condense every training into a series of short courses.

Things like practices, complex procedures, and operative techniques that require a physical environment will need a more prolonged time frame.

However, continuous topics and compliance training are adequately suited for microlearning.

2.     The Attention span:

A general rule to always remember is that shorter is better.

Do you think your employees will focus on the entire two-hour course duration?

Please think about it again! Humans have an average attention span of eight seconds!

One approach called microlearning fits adequately to the short attention spans.

It appropriately divides materials equally into tiny bits that take 5-10 minutes for individuals to complete.

Research has shown that it also increases notetaking and decreases distraction.

3. Timing:

You should consider how much time your employees will devote to their training after designing your content.

In 2021, an average employee spent 102 hours learning and taking up courses.

Which is only 1% of their time, this equals 24 minutes a week for a full-time worker.

If that sounds familiar, you could preferably create online courses with a microlearning style.

Accordingly, it demands less time than a full or half-day in-person training and courses.

And this gives them flexible opportunities to learn, whenever they have a free moment in their busy schedule.

Capworth Digital courses include course packages designed by our knowledgeable and experienced course faculty and partners to meet the highest international standards.

Implementing an employee training program provides a vast wealth of benefits, from affecting higher profit margins to increasing employees’ motivation.

When you think about its influence on your business, you’ll want to maximize and optimize its impact.

The length of a training program and its learning content are important factors that contribute to being successful and effective.

Capworth Learning is the ideal solution for providing your employees with continuous opportunities for learning new things and refreshing old knowledge.

Send us a message today, so you too can be part of the many who have and are still getting outstanding results from our prime training and courses.

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