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How Capworth Makes VILT Work for Organizations

Many have wondered how Capworth makes the VILT work for different organizations.

We implement Virtual instructor-led training, also known as VILT, to increase employee efficiency & effectiveness at work, to help achieve your long- & short-term goals.

It is an essentially good option for remote organizations and companies since learners can get access to training from anywhere.

VILT refers to all kinds of training conducted by an instructor that presents in a digital or virtual environment.

Research conducted by Forbes on virtual learning, it was discovered that, when it is done right, it can help to improve learning by 600%.

Especially when compared to in-person training (surprising right?)

Nevertheless, “how” you implement VILT is just as important as if you implement it.

As a Prime VILT service provider, listed below are some tips on how we make VILT work:

1. We make VILT more engaging with digital features than in-person training:

According to research, it is said that the average attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish which is eight seconds.

In-person training (and bad some VILT) mostly fail when a teacher/instructor keeps rambling to a passive audience.

So, what we do at Capworth is not to make a VILT boring, we keep our sessions short and make them interactive with attendees’ engagement.

By developing interactive sessions, it keeps attendees committed to finishing training.

To make the most out of VILT, we ensure to adapt a curriculum into content that learners will engage within the online space.

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2. We create digital sessions that are concise and focused:

Truth is, when there is no practical application of newly gained knowledge, people tend to forget almost 50% of what they learn after 20 minutes.

Thus, a need for microlearning.

This allows our learners to quickly train on one topic at a time, exactly at the time they need it.

This is because the style of microlearning focuses on sharing little bursts of information.

We do this through various mediums, like videos, images, or other types of visual content.

Types of effective microlearning mediums we utilize include:

  • Simple & short courses: which we build by using a unique learning platform.
  • Short & interactive quizzes: keeps learners engaged and thinking about the training.
  • YouTube channels: for sharing small-sized video content.
  • Infographics: serves as a visual tool for fast, relatable pieces of information.

3. We use tools rooted in Collaborative Learning to carry out our VILT:

The fact is that VILT usage will continue to grow in importance alongside the trend for remote and hybrid work.

It also works well when attendees collaborate with each other.

We leverage a learning platform that combines different collaborative tools with the power of an LMS to create instructor-led modules that are easy to use, interactive and engaging.

It is a particularly intuitive tool for people at any level of skill, to easily create coursework’s that can promote their team’s skillset & knowledge.

This is how Capworth makes VILT work for organizations

4. We measure course effectiveness on the quality of learning from attendees’ feedbacks:

It is important to measure the impact of training as a major area of concern.

If people complete a training course and they can’t retain the things they have learned, then it means nothing.

Unfortunately, looking at results from training is only half of the equation.

You need to fully measure and understand the impact of your training program on attendees.

To measure the success of our VILT, we implement effective & effective use of feedback from employees.

They relate with us their experience, either through in-course comments, word of mouth or surveys.

Such findings give us insight into how our clients & VILT attendees perceive the content itself, quizzes, or specific lessons.

And it helps us to develop ourselves and better deliver better per time for you, our highly esteemed clients.

Regrettably discovered that most companies that use VILT are not leveraging its potential.

Such companies simply take in-person courses and put them online.

Which can make an already boring training even worse; and at Capworth, we have a track record of providing interesting & engaging VILT sessions.

Now that you have learnt how you can make VILT work for your organization with us, why not download our calendar here.

It keeps you informed about our 2022 VILT schedule & self-paced digital courses.

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